The Game Theorists: Is Chrono Trigger’s Time Travel Accurate?


Is Chrono Trigger’s time travel accurate? MatPat explores this topic on his web series “The Game Theorists.” This inaugural episode looks at what, if anything, the RPG masterpiece Chrono Trigger can teach us about the science of time travel. 

The Game Theorists YouTube channel is hosted by Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat. In the series, he presents possible ideas about popular video games through research and educational facts. His internet franchise is represented as a part of the video game-entertaining company ScrewAttack.

The Game Theorists is inspired by the “Tangential Learning” episode of gaming series EXTRA CREDITS. Unlike most channels that work for ScrewAttack, his channel involves studying video games rather than playing and commenting on them. He tells video game facts as well as education to create theories on video games.

MatPat started his theatrical career began after he graduated from college in 2009. He worked in a handful of theatrical rolls in New York such as The Blood Brothers and Brom Staker’s Dracula for about 2 years. After a short experience as a stage director, he quit, realizing that stage life isn’t what he hoped it would be.

Since then, MatPat has blown up in popularity on YouTube. As of May 2014, his channel has over 2 million subscribers and over 100 million video views.

He has inspired several other gamers and video producers with his series including cultural analyst who goes by the name Gaijin Goomba. Gaijin Goomba hosts a show on MatPat’s channel called Game Exchange, which explains how different cultural values and motifs work their way into popular video games. 

Check out MatPat’s take on Chrono Trigger’s use of time travel right here:

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