Gaming Section of Toys ‘R’ Us Holiday Catalog From 1996


Recently, pictures of a 1996 Toys ‘R’ Us holiday catalog have resurfaced on the internet, and it’s enough to make most retro gamers feel ancient. Nintendo and Sega consoles dominated the market, while Sony was just entering it with their original Playstation. It’s interesting to see how much more expensive both home and handheld consoles have become, while console games seem to always have been on the pricey side at about $60 for major games like Super Mario 64 (available now on the Wii Virtual Console for $10).

It’s also interesting to see how these games have changed in value. Games like Yoshi’s Island for Super Nintendo and the gold GameBoy Pocket are still coveted items by gamers and collectors alike, while virtually all sports titles pictured below are practically worthless. Check out the full ad here and be sure to leave your comments below:


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