NES QUEST pt. 31: Garage sale finds


Never in the NES Quest have I had so little to say about new finds. I found these two games in random junk boxes at two different garage sales last month. Both were a couple dollars each, and both were on my wanted list.

The Hunt for Red October was released for the NES, Game Boy and Super Nintendo. Interestingly, it was one of three different video game adaptations of this narrative. Another was a computer game based on the movie. And before that, there was a video game based on the book. This version of the game featured deep sea combat, side-scrolling action and cinematic sequences. And the Super NES version is one of only a few games that uses the Super Scope accessory.

NFL Football is the first video game to be licensed by the NFL. Intending to loosely represent the 1988-89 season of the National Football League, the game uses the teams and play formations of that particular era while avoiding usage of the players’ names, due to a lack of an NFLPA license, which was given to Tecmo’s Tecmo Bowl. Temco Bowl seems to be regarded as the better of the two football games.

This haul brings my collection from 281 to 283 NES games. For the rest of the entries of NES Quest, check them out right here on Retro Chronicle.


  • I’ve only found one NES game this summer, and have yet to find any SNES or N64 games…..crossing my fingers for my citywide sale this weekend. I even took this Friday off so I can get out there early and get some deals….

    Jason Kaphingst May 11, 2015 12:42 am
    • You just gotta get up early and spend the time! I’ve found more games this summer than I did last summer, but most aren’t retro games unfortunately.

      barryfallsjr May 12, 2015 3:07 pm
  • Last summer was crazy. Over 400 NES/SNES games found at yard sales. Probably my best year. One yard sale produced 220 NES and 140 SNES carts. (I did an unboxing video on Youtube under Obsessedcollector) But man do you have to get up EARLY…

    Gerrit Dykstra April 15, 2016 10:18 pm