GAME/SHOW: Would it Matter if Master Chief Were Gay?


Where are all the gay main characters in gaming? The people at PBS-funded webseries, GAME/SHOW discusses this topic in their latest episode.

It’s hard to think of any gay characters in video games, which seems odd in a country that is increasingly pro-gay rights. Even when one does come across a gay character in a game, that character mostly likely isn’t playable. What are the arguments for the lack of representation, and are they legit?

In August of 2013, PBS kicked off a brand new weekly web series called GAME/SHOW, hosted by gamer and reporter Jamin Warren. The show provides relevant commentary on the current state of the video game industry in the same style as other PBS-funded web series such as Idea Channel.

You can follow GAME/SHOW on Twitter at @pbsgameshow or on Facebook. If you have suggestions, ideas or feedback about the program, send them to

Check out Game/Show’s take on the portrayal of gay characters in video games right here:

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