Nintendo Partners With Vans To Release Glorious Retro Kicks


Nintendo is teaming up with Vans Shoes to release a new line of killer Nintendo-themed shoes. There’s no release date on the line of Nintendo Vans or a price tag, but similar Vans special editions are usually priced about $55 for slip-ons, $60 for laced and $70 for high-tops. Check out the full line below:

3057452-v4j1jus 3057453-v4j1k4x 3057454-v4j2k5a 3057455-v4j2k5b 3057456-v4mljp5 3057457-v4mljp7 3057458-v4mljp8 3057459-v4mljpa 3057460-v4mpjre 3057450-v4okjus

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