Teens react to the original Nintendo Entertainment System [VIDEO]


In the newest episode of Teens react, high school students reacted to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Warning: this video is sure to depress many of the veteran fans of the console.

The teens were also introduced to the idea of blowing on the cartridge to make them work. The narrators asserted that experts today say that blowing on the cartridges never had a real effect on making the game work again. But as some of the teens astutely pointed out– obviously those experts were wrong if anecdotal evidence shows that it usually works.

When asked about various classic NES games, all 11 teens recognized the game Super Mario Bros, while nine recognized Legend of Zelda, less than half recognized Metroid or Mega Man and none recognized Dragon Warrior.

Brothers Benny and Rafi (creators of Fine Brothers Entertainment) started making feature films in high school that played in film festivals. They have gone on to create shows for networks and companies such as Warner Bros, Comedy Central, BBC America and MTV.

They’ve helped build digital media startups serving as Creative Executives and Heads of Production, leading to the expansion of their own award-winning independent studio. They release a kids react video every Sunday.

Watch the video right here:

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