Thrift pick: Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera f/1.9


I found this Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera f/1.9 at a garage sale earlier this year. The three lenses caught my attention and its pristine condition.

Made in the late 50’s, the Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera f/1.9 is an 8mm film camera that makes silent movies. The three lenses make this a cool looking piece of movie art, which is why I keep it on my shelf with my movie collection. The hand crank powers a spring that is released by the black button in front making an fantastic whirring sound like it is busy doing its job.

The retail of this camera was $125, but you could frequently find them on sale for about $75. According to ads that date back to the early 1960s, the electric eye gives the user correct exposure every time. Considering its age, this one looks absolutely incredible.

For more information about decorating with vintage cameras, check out my piece on incorporating vintage cameras into a modern living space. For more information about cameras like this one, check out Brian Coe’s Kodak Cameras: The First Hundred Years.


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