Belgium designer crafts an incredibly detailed, Zelda-themed Game Boy


I’ve seen a lot of customized original Game Boy mods, but this Legend of Zelda-themed mod by Belgium designer, Vadu Amka, might be the best one yet.

Not surprisingly, a lot of work went into crafting this incredibly-detailed Game Boy mod. According to Amka, the “brick” portion of the console is hand-carved. The ivy was cut from cardboard. And everything on the outside was designed with acrylic paint or posca, a water-based marker used by artists. Amka even installed a new screen for added protection.

According to Amka’s blog, he only works with damaged, retro consoles. Other incredible mods from the artist include: a Final Fantasy-themed Super Famicom, a Metroid-themed Game Boy Advance and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages-themed Game Boy Color.

The artistic feat came around a good time too. Last month, Nintendo celebrated the 25th birthday of their 8-bit handheld console.

The unusual hobby of customizing classic gaming consoles has exploded over the past few years, with many artists selling personalize, made to order (and usually over-priced) customized classic game consoles. For many nostalgic artists, old game consoles provide the ideal surface to show off their creativity.

Here’s a photo of the back:

Photo courtesy of Vadu Amka.
All photos courtesy of Vadu Amka (


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