Board James plays Key to the Kingdom (1990)


In James Rolfe’s long-running series Board James, the internet star plays the 1990 fantasy adventure board game– Key to the Kingdom in the 11th episode. Unlike other episodes, this video is a simple review. James explains how the game is played and why it’s aged so well.

The objective is to go around the game board until you’ve found the “Key treasure card” plus one more treasure card and then escape the kingdom. From the beginning you have eight different equipment cards, which you need to use to pass traps or defeat monsters.

The board is in 6 parts, connected with roads in many combinations. The only way of reaching two of the parts is by jumping into one of the whirlpools in the middle of the board. This allows the board to be folded in or out to another board.

Over the years, Key to the Kingdom has become a collector’s item. But with some diligent searching, you should be able to find a used and complete copy of the game for less than $75. Amazon will frequently have them available for decent prices. Check out the full episode right here:

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