CARD GAME REVIEW: Scrabble Slam! (Hasbro, 2009)


The Scrabble Slam! rules are simple– lay down a four letter word, shuffle and evenly distribute the rest of the cards and then all players lay out one letter on top of the word to make a new word. There are no turns, so the game can get pretty heated.

Pros of Scrabble Slam:

  • Fast-paced and exciting
  • Requires a decent amount of knowledge and strategy
  • Has the potential to be used as an educational tool
  • Cheap (generally between $5 and $7)
  • Small and portable
  • You can customize the rules

Cons of Scrabble Slam:

  • Takes a while to set up the game, considering how short each game is
  • Has little to nothing to do with the board game Scrabble
  • Gets a little boring after about ten games
  • Easy to get stuck near the end of the game

Consensus: For what it is, Scrabble Slam is a super portable alternative to the board game. It’s fun and addictive, but it has its minor flaws. For fans of card games, Scrabble Slam isn’t a game you’re going to want to miss out on. Order it here.

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