Thrift pick: Polariod Super Shooter Plus


I found this Polaroid Super Shooter a few years ago for $2 at a local thrift store. At the time, I knew little about it other than that it seemed like it would look great on a book shelf.

The Polaroid Super Shooter was a rigid, plastic bodied instant camera, made in the U.S. between 1975- 1977. It originally retailed at $20-25.

It used peel-apart 80-Series Land Pack Films such as Polaroid 87, 88, Viva (all discontinued), or type 100 film, such as Fuji FP-100C. The viewfinder adjusts according to the size of the film pack being used. The manual distance finder is on lens. And it uses ISO 75 for color prints and 3000 for black and white.

Flash can be used with either standard or Hi-Power flashcubes. It has development rollers instead of spreader bars. The shutter requires two standard 1.5V AA batteries.

I’m not particularly interested in the functionality of these antique cameras, although I certainly have a better appreciation for the ones that were known to have been technically more efficient. In terms of features, Polaroid Super Shooters are pretty basic. But the design is surprisingly sturdy and effective. And the metal faceplate ages surprisingly well.


Sources: For more information about decorating with vintage cameras, check out my piece on incorporating vintage cameras into a modern living space. To check out other features on vintage cameras, click here

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