Thrift pick: Polaroid Sun 600


This is the Polaroid Sun 600 LMS (Light Management System), which was first introduced in 1983. The camera contains electronic shutter, built-in flash, a 116 mm single-element lens and fixed focus with a minimum focus length of about four feet.

Many of its features are comparable to other “600” cameras of its day. although it is somewhat sought after by collectors for its sleek design. Although I have not tested this one, they generally have aged relatively well. Consider inspecting the internal mechanisms before using film with it.

I found this particular piece at a thrift store last year for about $2. In its current condition, this camera is valued at around $25 to $35.


For more information about decorating with vintage cameras, check out my piece on incorporating vintage cameras into a modern living space. For more information about cameras like this one, check out Brian Coe’s Kodak Cameras: The First Hundred Years.

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