Thrift Store Find: Kodak Presstape Universal Splicer


I picked this up at a garage sale a couple weeks back, not knowing exactly what it was. But because it was all in perfect condition and it had a $1, I decided to pick it up and explore what was inside.

According to the ol’ interweb, this device is used for dry splicing movie film. Although not many splicers are in current production (none currently made for Presstapes), they are many are still circulating on sites like eBay and Amazon. Aside from Kodak, other brands like Baia and Hudson Photographic also produced splicers.

There are also splicers that work with different tapes, such as the Agfa or Hama splicers. Some splicers can be used for all three film formats. The most common formats are 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm.

The value of these range from $25 to $50– like new in box.

Source: How to Use Presstapes to Splice 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Motion Film

Check out how it works right here:

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