Thrift store haul pt. 5: NES, N64 games, electronic dog collars and 1997 medieval board game


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Instead going to yard sales this weekend, I will be having one of my own (if the weather permits). Like a lot of people, I have a ton of clutter in my living space that I no longer have use for. So I’m going to try to get rid of truck loads of stuff and then donate what’s left.

So to make up for the loss of picking opportunities, I went to three thrift stores earlier in the week. The first thrift store was a dud, but I was able to find a couple goodies at the second and third thrift store, spending about $27 total.

I’ll be sure to keep this post short and sweet. Here’s what I found:

Micro I.D. Rescue Dog Collars: $1 each


My Goodwill Computer store, which only sells electronics such as video games and computer pieces, is in the process of moving locations. So I made sure to stop by the day before they moved. Most of the items were either packed up to move or marked down.

One of those marked down items was about 20 of these Micro I.D. rescue dog collar for $1 each. It was made in 2006 and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The collar stores your pet’s medical, contact and care information on an integrated USB flash memory card.

I initially thought it was a tracking device, but later found out that it essentially just stores your pet’s information on a flash drive on their collar. My first thought was to see if they could be flipped for profit, considering how many I found. When I found out that they were worth only about $5 each, I decided to grab two small collars for my cats and four more for gifts.

They cost me $6 total, with an estimated value of about $30.


Assorted NES games, N64 games and a 72-pin NES connector


I recently decided to go for a complete NES collection. And in doing so, I decided to spend this year knocking out all the basics. These NES titles were marked down to $1 each. So I took the opportunity to buy all the NES games that were in good condition and I didn’t already have.

These six NES games, two Sega Genesis games and one Sega Master System games were all common titles that I’m adding to my collection, bringing them up to 36, 6 and 47 respectively. Because I only collect certain select complete Nintendo 64 games, those will be traded to other collectors.

According to Price Charting, the entire lot is worth about $50 at the time of purchase.


Sealed Lionheart board game: $5


I have been looking for awesome medieval style board games, largely because how awesome Board James makes many of them seem. This board game sealed is worth about $15.

What made me pop on this pick were several factors:

  • It looks  simple to play
  • It was made by the creators of Risk
  • It’s sealed so I don’t have to worry about missing pieces
  • It’s 17 years old, so I don’t find them very often
  • And the pieces look awesome and detailed
This is a brief product description:
Lionheart is a simple wargame that is like chess but with dice rolls that determine the success or failure of a capture move. There are seven different units: King, Knight, Archer, Heavy Infantry, Infantry, Mercenary, and Peasant. Each turn players can perform any 2 actions: move, turn, or attack. Foot units move one square forward per action. Mounted units move as many unblocked squares in front of them as they like. Units attack the square they are facing (archers attack an area of squares in front of them). Attacks are resolved by rolling the combat dice. Each appropriate symbol rolled (axes or arrows) counts as a “hit”. Scoring more hits than the target has hit points removes some of the units (miniatures) from the target army. The winner is the player who eliminates his opponent’s King or eliminates every other warrior in his opponent’s army leaving the King standing alone on the field of battle.

I’m really excited to check it out sometime over the summer. 

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