Vadu Amka crafts new Crash Bandicoot-inspired Playstation modification


Belgium artist Vadu Amka hand-crafted another amazing retro modification– this time in the form of a Playstation inspired by the Crash Bandicoot series. The project was ordered by a fellow Belgium gamer, who requested that Crash Bandicoot make an appearance on the console.

Amka was inspired by the first levels of the original game from 1996 including “Jungle Rollers.” Initially, the artist wanted to make the console themed around Aku Aku (the famous mask from the series who guides Crash Bandicoot). But the person who requested the project insisted that Crash be prominently displayed on the console.

“I then opted for the effect of old dark / greenish gray temple with quite a few branches and creepers,” said Amka in a blog post. “A small effect sanded in places and cracks. The Reset and Power buttons are stained wood. Small stones are arranged on the power to recall a fireplace (level with the boar and the first island). The Eject is a box of TNT view from lime wood (handmade).”

Check out Amka’s blog for more of his incredible console mods right here. Here are some more pictures of Amka’s creation right here:

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