Yard sale haul pt. 20: Star Wars Legos, Wii, Game Boy Advance and XBOX games


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I only had an hour and a half to go garage saling this week. I had a lot of work to do this Saturday in order to get ready for my upcoming move to a new apartment. But an hour and a half was enough time to pick up a handful of decent finds for about $20:


Sealed Lego sets: $8


This was the first find of the day and arguably the best. The price tag read $5 each, but was able to get him to throw in a couple Wii games to make it an even $10. These look awesome, and everything is sealed. I’m going to try to sell these for $30-40. Although, I may end up giving these as gifts to one of my cousins’ kids for their birthday.


Sealed Checkers game: $3


This was a bit of a gut call. I’m beginning to look more into selling on Amazon now and eBay less. There are a lot of reasons sellers are beginning to move away from selling on eBay– there are a lot of problems and the company is losing customers to Amazon for its great service and fast shipping. And I’ve found that a lot of items, especially old sealed electronics like these, sell for a lot more than they do on eBay.

On eBay, I should be able to get a solid ten bucks for it. But for whatever reason, Amazon seems to be able to sell it for nearly four times as much. And yes, it’s actually selling for that much– not just being listed. So I’m going to begin stock-piling some sealed electronics like these and list them on Amazon in the near future.


Wii, XBOX, Game Boy Advance games: about $10


These were purchased from various yard sales for usually a dollar or two. The top four are needed additions to my game collection, and the rest will be traded.

Pokemon Sapphire is obviously the highlight of the bunch. Along with a handful of other games in my trade pile, I plan to take it to a used media store in my area that generally sells Pokemon games for higher prices and gives 60 percent credit. So I should be able to grab a handful of NES games that I need.


[To check out more of my yard sale and thrift store hauls, click right here.]


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