GAME/SHOW: Does Legend of Zelda Exploit Nostalgia?


Does Legend of Zelda exploit nostalgia for sales? The people at PBS-funded webseries, GAME/SHOW discusses this topic in their latest episode.

The Legend of Zelda has been massively popular for over 30 years running. People love the series, creating fan art, cosplay and diligently purchasing each new release in the series.

But does this Zelda series exploit our feelings of nostalgia? We remember playing as kids, and the music, world and even sounds bring back warm fuzzy feelings. Are the creators riding that success and using our childhood memories to their own gain? Are the games really that great?

In August of 2013, PBS kicked off a brand new weekly web series called GAME/SHOW, hosted by gamer and reporter Jamin Warren. The show provides relevant commentary on the current state of the video game industry in the same style as other PBS-funded web series such as Idea Channel.

You can follow GAME/SHOW on Twitter at @pbsgameshow or on Facebook: If you have suggestions, ideas or feedback about the program, send them to

Check out Game/Show’s take on the Legend of Zelda and its use of nostalgia right here:

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