Hipster develops throwback VHS tape cases for new movies


The same way many nostalgia chasers haven’t given up on 8-bit video games and vinyl records, there is still a huge interest in preserving the VHS format. And although a major comeback for clunky VHS tapes is highly unlikely, that hasn’t stopped some fans from celebrating modern culture on this classic medium.

“The idea came to me in 2008 when I saw for the first time Be Kind Rewind Michel Gondry,” said the anonymous VHS fan, who developed VHS cases for modern films, to French blogger golem13. In this film, an employee of a video store and his best friend, played by Mos Def and Jack Black accidentally erase all the tapes they rent. To replace them, they decide to make themselves remakes of movies.

The outcome is quite realistic, from the saturated colors to the awkward framing. Someone unfamiliar with these films and television shows might believe these VHS tapes to be authentic at first look.

Check out the full post right here. View close-up pictures of the VHS sets below:

Dexter-VHS-Golem13-2 The-Wolf-of-wall-street-VHS-golem13 Gravity-VHS-Golem13-2 The-Walking-Dead-VHS-Golem13 The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-VHS-Golem13-2 Game-of-thrones-VHS-Golem13 interstellar-VHS-Golem13 BreakingBad-VHS-Golem13-2 Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-VHS-Golem13

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